Pet Policy

1. Dogs are not allowed between 1 November and 31 May, Queen's Birthday weekend and AFL Grand Final weekend. Dogs may be allowed at other times with a fee.  Please contact management to discuss.
2.  When checking in, owners must provide their credit card details as room guarantee. The card may be charged to cover costs for extra cleaning, replacement of damaged items, deodorising and loss of income if the room is not able to be sold. 
3. The following rules have been designed for dog owners and other motel guests peace of mind. Please adhere to the rules or you will be asked to leave the motel at any time of the day or night. No refund will be provided.
1)     Only COMPLETELY house-trained small dogs and assistance dogs are allowed in the motel rooms.
2) Only small dogs (less than 10kg) may be allowed.
3)     Owners are to take full control and absolute legal responsibility of their dogs in all circumstances in the motel. 
4) Dogs are NOT to be left alone inside or outside the motel rooms, or in cars.
5) Dogs are to be kept on leash at ALL times whilst on the property.
6) Owners are to dispose of all droppings both within the motel grounds and along the footpaths.
7) Dogs must be healthy, free from flees, worms and other parasites.
8)     Owners must show the dog's current vaccination and health records upon check-in.
9) Dogs are NOT to be washed inside the motel rooms.
10)   Dogs are NOT to sleep in motel beds.
11) Excessive barking is not considered acceptable behaviour. Owner and the dog will be asked to leave the motel immediately 
        regardless of the time of the day/night without refund.
12)   Aggressive dogs (and/or their owners!) are simply not welcome.
13)   The Motel reserves the right to ask guests and their pets to leave the property at any time of the day or night for not observing 
        these rules. No refund will be provided.
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